Tailored Medicine for Better Patient Outcomes

Offering a tailored approach to your patient's prescription medications can help ensure a more positive outcome for each individual. We are a full service pharmacy, dedicated to customizing each medication in any instance we can. If we do not currently offer a solution your patient requires, you or your patient can request a tailored formulation to be made. Email us at to request a new medication dosage form or strength, or to inquire about product availabilities.

Individualized Education, Improved Compliance

With the best treatment plans and customized medication solutions, patient adherence to treatment schedules and administration instructions is essential. We offer all of our patients help with unwanted side effects and potential allergy interactions. We take the time to explain complicated treatment plans and offer step-by-step instructions on how to administer any medications. Also, our care programs offer scheduled medication reminders set to each individual’s specific needs.

Partnership Opportunities

Expand your patient's options of health care by incorporating a revenue-building program to your practice. Offering additional options can increase your patient’s compliance and satisfaction while building your practice, clinic or other medical facility. Below are just a few of these programs available through our affiliates.

Rxtra Wellness is an innovator in custom manufactured formulations, private-labeled nutritional supplements, drop-shipping efficiency, and excellent customer service. At Rxtra Wellness, we have an insistent drive for superiority and quality. Utilizing a time tested process; Rxtra Wellness has many years of clinical experience in the nutritional industry ...

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Wellness Medical Protection Group, WMPG, is a not just an insurance agency, they have developed specialized programs for liability insurance featuring a complete industry compliance package to make sure you operate safe, efficiently, and protected. WMPG was created to address the ever-changing protection and operating needs of todays alternative, integrative ...

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