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Our certified pharmacists can assist you in finding the right treatment option for your diagnosis and/or ailment. Call us today at 800-518-9831 with your inquiry and we will help coordinate your care with your physician.

At-Ease Services

No longer will you need to place multiple orders, at multiple pharmacies, several times per month to meet your medication needs. We will coordinate all of your pharmacy care for you, ensuring that all medications and supplies arrive when you need them.

Assist Now

Need something urgently? Let our Patient Care Ambassadors assist in coordinating local pharmacy service to get you what you need when you need it.


We will work with your insurance provider to coordinate coverage, ensuring that you will always receive the highest medication coverage and the best price options available based on your personalized plan.


We make it easy to stay current with your medications

Patient Care Ambassador

Creams N' Caps uniquely offers Patient Care Ambassador services. It's like having a free personal assistant! Patient Care Ambassadors proactively plan for your medication refills to ensure that you receive your prescriptions on time, every time. They can also communicate with your provider(s) regarding your needs and requests so you don't have to.
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Care Programs

At Creams N' Caps listening to our patients ranks first on our list of priorities. We have tailored three unique programs, exclusive to Creams N’ Caps, to put you in control. Let us know your needs, and we will help you decide on a care program to fit your lifestyle. Click 'Read More' to see which program fits your needs best.
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Convenient Delivery Options


Receiving your medications shouldn't be stressful. Our Care Free Program allows for automatic shipments monthly, bi-monthly or once every three months, based on your specific needs.
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Going on vacation? Take us with you. Provide all the right details and we will make sure your medications arrive when you do, wherever you go, for however long you decide to.

packaging solutions

Due to their specific chemical makeup, some medications require more care than others while transporting; especially in unpredictable weather conditions. We invested our time into advanced packaging solutions to help ensure your medications arrive safely, just as you expected.

One Cloud Rx (In Beta Testing)

Computing A new Standard

Personal Settings

With our One-Cloud Rx software (In Beta Testing), we provide complete transparency of your orders. Having all of your information online allows you to conveniently keep us up to date on your address, contact information, billing information, allergies and more.
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Please note: Creams N’ Caps offers fulfillment of patient specific prescription compounds, nutritional products and services, but does NOT offer online pharmacy products, nor services.

One-Cloud Rx Features:

  • Worldwide 24/7 Access
  • Data Encryption
  • Online Bill Pay
  • 24/7 Access
  • Order Tracking
  • One-Click Refill Requests
  • & More ...


Because Medicine Should be Accessible


We promise to continue to offer financial assistance programs that reduce cost and increase patient access to all of the medications we provide. From senior to seasonal discounts, we will work with each patient on an individual basis; providing them with their best discount options.


We must adapt and change as the world around us changes. Providing a quarterly market analysis helps us to determine how we can continue to provide the best quality care to our patients. We strive to remain a very cost competitive pharmacy, allowing our patients the greatest opportunity of access to their needed medications.


Unmatched quality standards

Medical Quality Board

The purpose of a medical quality board is to provide insight to the constantly evolving medical industry in order to achieve revolutionary patient outcomes through the means of medical research and development, better regulation modalities, integrative medicine solutions, testing and analytics, technology innovations and new visionary systems.
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lab innovations

We have invested millions of dollars in our foundation to make you, our patient, the lab promise of excellence:

Every product is made with passion and integrity. We are committed to ensuring innovation is at the heart of improving your quality of life by first using the finest ingredients, building the best skills in the trade, and investing in a medical board for oversight and ongoing Research and development.
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Because we are a specialty pharmacy, we provide a superior standard of quality and individualized customization of your medication. We allow you have complete control of your maintained health or road to recovery.


Information is power

Medication Administration

Understanding your treatment plan and the proper method of medication administration makes all the difference. We will walk you through the treatment plan set by your doctor, making sure you understand the proper steps to successfully take your medication.


It is our mission to provide patients with the information needed to independently decide what they will and will not accept as a method of treatment. We encourage our patients to do their own research on the medications they allow into their own bodies and offer educational brochures and other materials on the products we offer. You can request information on our products, medications you are taking or medications you are considering. Reach out to our qualified medication experts at theapothecary@creamsncaps.com for more information.



We are constantly adapting to improve patient outcomes

Let us know what you think of our services by emailing us at info@creamsncaps.com.

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