One-Cloud Rx

Manage Your Account Anywhere

One-Cloud Rx (In Beta Testing)

One-Cloud Rx is a software offered by Creams N’ Caps that allows patients to access information on the go. Using One-Cloud Rx, patients will be able to request prescription refills, check order statuses, and easily update their account information and preferences.

The One-Cloud Rx Beta Program: An exclusive trial-based program, enabling patients to test drive One-Cloud Rx for themselves. Once the initial beta test is complete, we will expand our program and will offer the opportunity to all Creams N’ Caps patients.

Please note: Creams N’ Caps offers fulfillment of patient specific prescription compounds, nutritional products and services, but does NOT offer online pharmacy products, nor services.


Worldwide 24/7 Access

Stay up to date on all of your orders, from anywhere, in real time with 24/7 worldwide access.

Data Encryption

With One-Cloud Rx, all of your information is securely stored in our data encrypted cloud.

Online Bill Pay

No more calling in just to make a payment. One-Cloud Rx will allow for convenient online payments.

Order Tracking

With our automatic scan software technology, the orders tab allows you to view and track all of your current and previous orders. Using colorized indicators, you will know always know where your order is in the process. Once your order turns green, you can be certain that we have received and processed your order.

One-Click Refill Requests

Our refill request feature is the simplest way to request a refill for your medication. With one click, we will be notified of your request; contacting your doctor for speedy turnaround. Your patient care ambassador will continue to manage your prescriptions based on your selected care plan.

Automatic Account Updates

One-Cloud Rx was built for convenience. By providing us with all of your updated information, we know how to better assist you. It is now possible to keep us up to date on all of your important account details, at your convince, bypassing the need to call. Update your contact information, address, billing information, notification preferences, and more.

Be sure to keep us up to date on your allergies and/or any medication side effects. If you would like to discuss medication interactions, custom formulary medication possibilities or medication supply, feel free to contact our team of certified pharmacists at
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