Lab Innovations

Our Lab Promise of Excellence

We have invested millions of dollars in our foundation to make you, our patient, the lab promise of excellence:

Every product is made with passion and integrity. We are committed to ensuring innovation is at the heart of improving your quality of life by first using the finest ingredients, building the best skills in the trade, and investing in a medical board for oversight and ongoing Research and development.

  • Quality Assurance Department
  • Finest Ingredients in North America
  • Custom Built Scan Software Technology
  • Independent Lab Testing holding our quality standards at the highest level in the unsurpassed format of non-bias
  • Research Devotion: Dedicating one-fourth of our time and resources to innovation

* Please note: Creams N’ Caps offers fulfillment of patient specific prescription compounds, nutritional products and services, but does NOT offer online pharmacy products, nor services.


What is a Base?

The base is the vehicle, which drives active ingredient to the proper destination or target receptor. Although a fast sports car is a great choice for some driving conditions, using it in winter weather defeats the intended purposes of the vehicle. In the same way choosing the most appropriate base, on a case-by-case basis, will assist in achieving the best possible therapeutic outcome of your medication.

Creams N’ Caps takes pride in the foundation of each medication made, and as chemists we believe the foundation starts with the proper base. Let our experts work with your physician to select the best option for you.


1.) Research

With access to hundreds of thousands of resources around the world we have the ability to help your physician select the criteria best suiting your needs.

2.) Chemistry Relationships

Next, we enter the lab, select from thousands of ingredients and start tailoring your medication. We identify the processes and follow the steps to produce formulas, based on the molecular structures of your medicine.

3.) Prove it

Finally, the product goes through a series of reviews and analysis to ensure the creation of safe and effective medications.

The Gluten-Free Promise

We vow to make every product gluten-free where applicable on the first trial, forgoing all inexpensive ingredients utilized as fillers made in medications to better serve patients with quality medicine as a whole.

If your medication requires a gluten-free approach, inform your patient care ambassador to find out if your medication qualifies.


Ingredient Synergy

Many different salts have different ways of communicating with your body for the same active drug, by researching and utilizing combinations, with the recommendation of your physician, medications may have a higher rate of consistency in your body type.

Inert Ingredients

Our lab is constantly looking at new ways of using natural ingredients, such as cellulose derivatives, to make product fillers and bases which allow for the possibility of fewer adverse reactions.

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