To Our Loyal Patients & Clinicians,

At Creams N’ Caps we will not rest until each and every patient is given the opportunity to receive proper medication, medication services and education to better their outcomes. We have built a system devoted and customized to their cause. Our team is focused on the needs of our patients and providing access to the highest-quality medications, personalized service, and innovations that open doors for new medical care solutions.

We have dedicated our time, talent, and resources to developing solutions that will far exceed the new regulations in the healthcare industry and further the vision for pharmacies dedicated to bettering patient outcomes through personalized medicine. We are excited to announce Creams N’ Caps specialty pharmacy has a new home in Novi, Michigan. This facility will allow us to provide a unique catalog of medications utilizing state-of-the-art lab equipment, and new operations logistics. Creams N’ Caps offers fulfillment of patient specific prescription compounds, nutritional products and services, but does NOT offer online pharmacy products, nor services.

At Creams N’ Caps, our team is dedicated to building pharmacy services around the needs of our patients to improve their quality of life. Delivering safe, effective, and customized prescriptions with exceptional care is the focus of every endeavor. To our dedicated patients and clinicians, thank you for your loyalty and allowing us the opportunity to continue to provide great products for great patients and clinics. To our new patients and clinicians, we welcome you and look forward to serving your needs and exceeding your expectations.

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